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Midnight in Clock Town [Full Album / Digital Download]

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“Midnight in Clock Town” is an ode to the Nintendo 64 classic “Majora’s Mask” produced by Zigg Zag.


01. Intro (Searching for a Lost Friend)

02. Welcome to Clock Town

03. Believe in Your Strengths

04. Temporal Paradox

05. The Mayor’s Office

06. The Great Fairy

07. The Moon’s Tear

08. The Hero of Time

09. Straight Out The Swamp

10. Magic Hag’s Potion Shop

11. Kaepora Gaebora

12. The Lens of Truth

13. Spectre

14. Research Laboratory

15. Sharp’s Curse

16. Dawn of the Final Day

17. Midnight in Clock Town

18. The Carnival of Time (The End)

Released: July 4, 2018

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